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wine consulting services
Consulting Services


1. Kosher Restaurants
a. Custom Wine Lists
b. Sommelier on call
c. Food Pairing
d. Staff training

2. Wine Retailers, Distributors and Importers
a. Resourcing
b. Marketing
c. Merchandizing
d. Inventory Management

3. Catering
a. Banquets (wine recomendations)
b. Conferences
c. Event Planning

4. Organizations
a. Fundraisers
b. Lectures, and wine courses. Introduction through Advanced
c. Entertaining and informative Slide Shows

5. Travel and Tours
a. California, France, Israel, Italy, Spain,


A wonderful experience. Full of very good information."
"I liked wine before but really appreciate it now."
"Perfect as is. PLEASE PLEASE do a follow up class."
"You opened our eyes, hearts and minds on this fascinating topic."
"Loved it!!!"